POW NFT Community Grant Program

Andrew Parker
3 min readApr 21, 2021


It’s been just over a month since the launch of POW NFT, the first mineable NFT, and the response from the community has been nothing short of incredible. Over 1300 unique addresses have successfully mined a total of 5185 Atoms (at the time of writing), spending over 600 ETH to mint them, and another 430 ETH on secondary market sales. The POW NFT community have contributed more than just their hash power, with one person creating their own miner which outperforms the in-site miner by orders of magnitude, and others creating an NFTX fund for POW NFT Atoms which paved the way for a liquidity pool on SushiSwap. Our community understands that we all benefit when the project grows, and have taken the initiative to make that happen, freeing me up to focus on adding features to the tokens (an ongoing process).

A Thulium ion with +3 charge, created with Proof of Work NFT mining.

Many fans of the project share a vision that NFT mining is an innovation from which the whole space would benefit, and that POW NFT is merely the first of what will become a new class of NFTs. This is why I’ve always had the view that anyone should be free to build upon POW NFT, and why the contract and miner code is public.

POW NFT Grant Program

For this reason, I’m excited to share with you an initiative of community member @BoredElonMusk, his POW NFT Grant Program. This program is entirely the work of @BoredElonMusk, but it has my blessing and I’ve agreed to help judge submissions. The goal of this entirely community-funded program is to encourage development and experimentation on top of the existing framework of the POW NFT project, with the goal of expanding outside interest and/or the utility of the project.

Prize Details

A total of $10,000 will be awarded by @BoredElonMusk:
$7,500 for the first place submission,
$2,500 for second.
With all funds being dispensed in Ether.

Submission criteria

All submissions must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The concept must operate within the limits of the existing POW NFT framework. Submissions should not rely on future updates or request changes by the creator.
  2. You must explain the value of your project to the POW NFT community and why it might also be appealing to outside parties who have yet to discover POW NFT.
  3. You must provide high-level details on what you intend on creating, and steps you’ll take to vet the idea, develop it, and test it.
  4. All submissions should include high-level estimates on timing and milestones.
  5. You must explain how you will deploy the funds if you are awarded the grant.
  6. All submissions must be based on new projects, and nothing that has already been a work-in-progress prior to the launch of this grant program.
  7. You don’t need to be technical to participate in this grant program. If your concept can be achieved by non-technical means, please apply. Alternatively, provide details if you intend to use the grant to compensate a tech partner.


Submissions are due by May 31, 2021


Submissions will be evaluated by:

  • AnAllergyToAnalogy (me) — creator of POW NFT.
  • BoredElonMusk Electronic hyper-PARODY account, and intergalactic creator. Purveyor of Martian lifestyle, games and goods.
  • Artchick — A vocal advocate, collector and commentator of everything non-fungible. She aspires to help onboard new artists and collectors and propel the community forward.
  • Nifty Whale — An anonymous investor that has been collecting NFTs since November 2020. He created Nifty Whale in March 2021 to support artists, creators, and the NFT community (without all the baggage that comes with being a known investor).
  • Twobadour — A Seeker of stories and self in the metaverse. Steward of @Metapurse

Get creative

One of the benefits of a community-driven project is that our members freely share their thoughts on how the project can improve, in fact we have a whole channel in our Discord devoted to ideas for project improvements. So if POW NFT has set off any light bulbs I encourage you to apply!

Click here to apply



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