Making Splashes with Block Hashes

Photo by James Audry Spencer on Unsplash

Block Regatta

//Define an increment function as
I(t) = increment_based_on( blockhash( t ) );
//At t == block_start 
position_boat = I(block_start);
//At t == block_start + 1
position_boat = I(block_start) + I(block_start + 1);
function increment_boat(uint hash, uint weather, uint boatNum, uint8 class, uint variant) internal view returns(uint){
uint increment = uint(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(boatNum,hash)))%10 * MULTIPLIER_CLASS[class]/100;
if(weather == variant){
return increment;
if(blockhash%3 == 0){
//Squid attack! (if no repellent)

Boatenomics and Cheating

Yeah, great, but more code doesn’t solve the basic problem of people being able to cheat.” — you, maybe.

Edge of the world

Spoils of war

Set sail!



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