Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland — Season 4

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After many months of development, Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland returns for Season 4 with a number of new features and improvements. These include:

  • A new last-minted prize which goes to the final Settlement minted before the Dark Age
  • Improved tokenomics which mean the main prize will grow much faster.
  • A change to how the Collapse countdown timer updates, meaning the Renaissance will be much more fast-paced.
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Last-Minted Prize

The last-minted prize sets 0.01 ETH aside from every mint and adds it to a new prize pool. This prize is awarded to the last Settlement minted before the Dark Age timer ends, however since every time a Settlement is minted the timer extends, the competition for this prize should be fierce.

The last-minted prize will grow linearly, meaning when 100 Settlements have been minted, it will already be 1 ETH. After 1000 Settlements minted, the last-minted prize will be 10 ETH, and if 10,000 Settlements are minted, it will be 100 ETH. There is no cap to how high this prize-pool can get, and more minting competition will lead to a more competitive prize.

Improved Tokenomics

Starting in Season 4, the mint cost for Settlements begins at 0.04 ETH. The cost will stay at 0.04 ETH until token earnings for minted Settlements require that it be higher. Up until that point, any excess ETH will be added directly to the prize pool. This will ensure that the main prize pool grows much faster (approx 5x faster) than in previous seasons.

An added benefit of this is that those who mint Settlements early do not have an outweighed advantage when Reinforcing their Settlements earlier in the game. Because Reinforcement cost is based on the mint cost, early Reinforcement always has an advantage, however in previous seasons players were able to achieve much higher levels of Reinforcement for a fraction of the cost of what players would be required to pay for equivalent Reinforcement later in the game. Although there is still an advantage to early Reinforcement, it is now more balanced so that late-game strategies are not punished.

New Collapse Timer

The Collapse timer (the timer until the Dark Age begins) has been improved, and updates differently to how it did in previous seasons.

Up until now, when a Settlement was minted, the countdown timer was adjusted to a value based on the current existing supply of Settlements, with a lower supply meaning a higher reset-value.

However, starting in Season 4, the Collapse timer extends by 5 blocks (approx 60 sec.) per Settlement regardless of current supply. Minting more Settlements at once will increase it by more, but it means if the timer becomes close to 0, it can’t be completely reset by a single mint.

Coupled with the last-minted prize, we expect this will lead to a hotly contested Renaissance, especially when the Collapse is imminent.

Good luck in Season 4!

These new features promise to bring an exciting Season 4 of Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland. Season 4 begins at 8pm EST, December 10th. Good luck in the Wasteland!

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