After many months of hard work and development, POW NFT has entered the exclusive pool of generative music NFTs. This massive undertaking, the joint effort of a musician and a coder, was designed to be provably generative in a lossless format that has the best chance of surviving decades of technological advancement and deprecation.

Tech stack for the future

A number of considerations need to be made when choosing the tech stack for this project. I am strong of the belief that if you’re going to make a generative art NFT based on-chain data, you need to show your work. It would be very easy…

It’s been just over a month since the launch of POW NFT, the first mineable NFT, and the response from the community has been nothing short of incredible. Over 1300 unique addresses have successfully mined a total of 5185 Atoms (at the time of writing), spending over 600 ETH to mint them, and another 430 ETH on secondary market sales. The POW NFT community have contributed more than just their hash power, with one person creating their own miner which outperforms the in-site miner by orders of magnitude, and others creating an NFTX fund for POW NFT Atoms which paved…

The world of NFTs has recently exploded from a relatively-niche technology used by a handful of crypto enthusiasts, to being a term that even the least-tech-savvy among us have heard in conversation. The tech and culture surrounding NFTs are both rapidly evolving, giving rise to innovation while also meeting new challenges never before experienced.

A Lithium Atom created by POW NFT

The rapid growth in popularity of NFTs and Ethereum in general have given rise to several problems with the current NFT distribution model: network congestion (gas costs), front-running and artificial scarcity. These three factors hinder adoption and growth, and are primary obstacles in many NFT projects.

Gas costs:

This is a short technical write-up of POW NFT mining, for people making their own mining software or are interested in adding mining to their own NFT projects.


The hash function used to mine POW NFTs is keccak256, because it’s built right into Solidity. A successful hash will be below the block target and takes the following form:

bytes32 hash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(address miner_address,bytes32 prev_hash, uint nonce));

A POW NFT can be minted if a hash (cast to uint) is found below the difficulty, which follows the following rule:

difficulty = BASE_DIFFICULTY / (DIFFICULTY_RAMP**generation);
generation > 13){
difficulty /=…

This is an intro to mining written for POW NFT users who want to learn about mining. It explains what mining is in general, how it works, and how POW NFTs can be mined.

What is mining?

Mining is a basic process which is the foundation of all blockchains. It was first described in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin whitepaper over a decade ago. Mining is essentially a process of running a relatively simple calculation called a hashing algorithm millions of times, with slightly different data each time, until you get a desired result.

What is a hashing algorithm?

In the simplest terms, a hashing algorithm is a set of…

Unless you’ve just woken up from a coma, you’re well aware we’ve all been stuck at home for the last few months. If you have just woken up from a coma, first of all thank you for reading my Medium article before doing anything else, but you may want to take a deep breath, call a loved one and ask them what’s going on.

Anyway, the rest of you non-comatose readers have no doubt been spending the time on one side project or another. …

This is the story about how, in only a few short hours, I managed to get to the #5 spot on Etherscan’s top NFT rankings.

Earlier this week, I launched EtherVirus, a crypto-art project which attempted to bring virality mechanics to an on-chain game. It was just an idea I had last week and gave myself a week to build and deploy it.

This deadline meant I cut a few corners — I figured it didn’t really matter, because the project was just for fun, and had no financial value. …

Put on your face masks and douse yourself in hand sanitiser, there’s a new virus making its way across the Ethereum network and none of us are safe.

…okay I don’t want to be accused of sensationalising, so there definitely isn’t a virus on the Ethereum network. But I’ve made a virus-related ERC-721 project I want to tell you guys about. So dust off your bio-hazard suits and let's get to the lab.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The ERC-721 Standard

The ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens has been around for a while now. If you’re reading this article, odds are you are at least familiar with NFTs…

Ease out the jib if you please, and make ready to tack. I’ve just deployed another DApp on the Ethereum mainnet so lets talk code. Specifically, the under-appreciated source of noise that is the block hash.

Photo by James Audry Spencer on Unsplash

Block Regatta

First things first, let me tell you about the game, Block Regatta. The basic premise of the game is that you pay a little money to put a boat in a race, and the result of the race is derived from block hashes. Now anyone who has any experience coding with Solidity is probably either shaking their head right now or preparing a fiery-worded…

Well guys, I’ve only gone and done it — I’ve launched a DApp on the Ethereum mainnet, and there’s no better excuse than that to come here and share some codeslinger wisdom. So put your Solidity hat on and lets talk about dumb contracts.

Photo by Henry Hustava on Unsplash


Rather than diving straight into some juicy code or abstract design concepts, I’ll introduce you to the DApp that brought us here today. It’s a friendly, simple little game I’m calling Adventureum, a clever portmanteau of Adventure and Ethereum, because it’s crypto so for some reason that kind of horrible naming style is acceptable.

The game…

Andrew Parker

Codeslinger. Melbourne based Solidity developer for hire.

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